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Since the rumours are now officially confirmed, I had to draw a Cumberkhan.And I mean, draw. Because I don’t have or know how to use photoshop. #fail



Since the rumours are now officially confirmed, I had to draw a Cumberkhan.
And I mean, draw. Because I don’t have or know how to use photoshop. #fail





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Privilege alert.


i’m sick of hearing all this bullshit about whitewashing Khan’s part. If in fact khan had originated as a white persons part and was taken over by someone of a different race you’d all be singing praises about how “forward thinking” that is. 

but you know what racism against white people is still RACISM.

it’s funny that all of you are fans of a show whose core concepts are tolerance, understanding, accepting, and embracing of all cultures and races. and you yourselves are being racist ass hats. If you are a fan and you’re piss off because khan’s role has been tainted. fine be pissed. You’re a fanboy it’s in you’re blood to get pissed off but dont hide behind the guise of whitewashing and racism.

I know how old and cliche this might sound but race shouldn’t matter at all. it should have no bearing on the decisions and views of people. this is what star trek teaches us.


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St. Benedict relieve your followers of their [colour-]blindness


I’m seeing that people are bothered that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Khan, because Khan is Indian… But… Is Khan actually Indian? I can’t remember. In TOS he looked Native American to me, unless the post I’m reading are mixing up Native with Indian…?

Khan was not white.

Benedict Cumberbatch is white.

Hence the bother.

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Benedict Cumberbatch is indeed playing Khan Noonien Singh!!!


Apparently whitewashing is something to dance about in the Sherlockian fandom.

I didn’t really know him as a stage actor. I knew what a fine screen actor he is. But there’s a physicality involved in the theatre. It’s not just about mannerisms or impersonation, which screen often is: it’s about sustaining a narrative with mind and body. When I saw him for Frankenstein, that was the only thing I wanted to know. Did he have that physical capacity? And of course he does. That’s why he’s now what he is: one of the leading actors in the world.


Danny Boyle, on Benedict Cumberbatch (via encumbered)

Dear Danny Boyle, 

Please look beyond your Eurocentrism.

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Dear Benedict Cumberbatch, Christ is back with a brand new invention…

…and all I can think is; PRAYING FOR YOUR SOUL RIGHT NOW.


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<3<3<3 ~(^o^) thank-you for you really lovely comment! 

the feedback will push me to find more ridiculousness to reblog! ;D

Dear Benedict Cumberbatch, I’m wishin’ you the best…

Don’t forget, Benedict:

After all of the darkness and sadness 
Soon comes happiness 
If I surround my self with positive things 
I’ll gain prosperity 

I’m a survivor! 


Dear Benedict Cumberbatch, If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son.

: Have you heard of these fans who are obsessed with you? Do you know what they’re called?
Benedict: The Cumberbitches.
Alan: The Cumberbitches?
Benedict: Which is worrying on a number of levels. I think it’s set feminism back quite a few years. No, they’re very loyal, very unlike the name, sort of unspooky bunch of very nice girls. 

Mother’s right tho; it it is a feminist’s nightmare.


Dear Johnny Fandom, Age ain’t nothin’ but a number and jail ain’t nothin’ but a room.

That awkward moment when the fandom ships a 12 year old boy with a 15 year old boy - and is public about it.

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